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Uncharted 3

I don't get to play videogames as much as I used to, but I make time for Tomb Raider and the Uncharted series. The combination of puzzle-solving, shooter, and run-for-your-life unfolds like a summer blockbuster. The scenes are vivid and suck me right into them, and I can't help playing just ONE MORE LEVEL as I play through the games.

I try to play a videogame every long break from teaching. For Thanksgiving, I banged through Uncharted 2 in a couple days, though Chandler had to save my butt in the final battle because I simply didn't have enough thumbs to manage everything I needed to do.

Chandler had to help me through one of the prolonged firefights (prolonged only because I died and I died and I died, etc.) where I/Nathan Drake was up against 20 opponents in a contained environment. I'd thought the battle in the middle of a bunch of junked ships was rough, but this one was horrible. Maybe I would have made it if I'd been rested and hadn't been sick with the flu. I tell myself that.

This entry into the series is really good because it tells us how Nate met Sully and who Nate really is--kinda. I enjoyed it a lot over the three days I played through it.

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