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The Greatest Showman

Chandler and I saw the trailer a few months ago and knew we had to go see the movie. We couldn't talk my wife into it, which was surprising. I mean, Hugh Jackman!

Chandler and I just got back from the theater. At 12:45 pm, there was a packed crowd, and that was up against the new Star Wars movie! Totally blew my mind, but we found seats where we wanted them at the back so we could see everything.

Both of us agreed the musical numbers were the bomb. You can't help but feel good when you walk out of that theater. Jackman was impressive, and I hadn't known Zac Efron was so talented. I'd been feeling down the last few days--part of the whole dark months/seasonal affective disorder thing--and I'd hoped the movie would deliver a pick-me-up. It did.

Chandler had a blast with it too. We're both planning on going back to watch it again before the new semester starts.

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