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Sigma Force: The Demon Crown

Just finished James Rollins's newest Sigma Force thriller, and it was pedal to the metal from start to finish with one of the creepiest threats to the world ever!

According to the author, the Doc Savage pulp series was a big inspiration for him. That inspiration shows in the way that every book focuses on apocalyptic threats and worldwide criminal/terrorist organization. The characters are as varies as Doc and his aides too. Painter Crow, Gray Pierce, Kowalski, Seichan, all of these fictional entities summon up an immediate interest. And now, after 12 full-blown novels and a handful of novellas, there's a lot of history that goes with those characters as well.

Every time I open up a Sigma Force novel, I know I'm in for nonstop excitement liberally seeded with history, science, and puzzles. The Demon Crown is an excellent example of this. I was hooked from the beginning, when Thomas Edison and his wife were bringing the bones of James Smithson, the man who became the patron of the Smithsonian Museum even though he never visited the United States.

I suggest you read the series in order to make the most of the characters, but the books are written so you can pretty much dive in anywhere, as long as you realize you'll be joining a conversation in progress regarding the characters and their lives.

Just know that every time you open one of these books, you're there to help save the world!

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