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Fantastic Four Movie?

If the proposed acquisition of 21 Century Fox by Disney goes through, I hope this means that a Fantastic Four movie won't be far behind. Hollywood now has all the technology to make Mr. Fantastic's powers look good (Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy anyone?), and the whiz-bang of technology is a given these days.

The comic magazine has such a rich history of SF elements: time travel, other worlds/dimensions, interstellar menaces, and arguably one of the greatest villains ever created: Doctor Doom (although he appears to be having a change of heart these days).

I want the heroes I grew up with. I want that sense of adventure. I want that sense of family. I want to be enthralled by the constant presence of WHAT-IF?

Marvel Comics has recently released a new title, Marvel Two-In-One, that features the Thing and the Human Torch. I read the first issue and enjoyed it, but that issue is just the opening appetizer for what promises to be a feast. I'll wait for the graphic novel to be released to get the whole story in one sitting.

But if two are here, can FOUR be far behind?

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