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An honorably retired warrior, Jordi Serrano had no more reason and no one left to fight … until he hears about the atrocities of China’s cunning, blood- and power-thirsty Prince of Ning.

Broad and still powerful, only the spreading salt and pepper in his beard betrays Jordi Serrano’s age. In his mid-50s, Serrano has hung up his battered, trusty sword. But a soldier’s urge to wander brings him in contact with Wang Yangming, an honorable Chinese governor whose philosophy shaped the code of honor still held to by the Japanese Samurai today. The statesman advises Serrano of the diabolical Prince of Ning and China’s dire predicament. And so once again, Jordi Serrano answers adventure’s call, leading a quickly assembled army into a furious, do-or-die battle that spins out of Jiangxi Province into the great city of Nanchang.

Mel Odom’s The Sword of the Scholar is an epic, thrill-a-page war story that is sure to delight all fans of military adventure.

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