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Here's hoping everyone has a better year than the last one. I thought it would never end, and in some ways maybe it hasn't. I think the vaccine will change the world yet again and we'll be able to resume our lives.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to be more attentive to this blog. Everyone knows I need to. I sometimes think I just don't have anything to say that anyone wants to hear. Or that what I do have to say can be better said by others.

However, I know more about what I'm doing from day-to-day, so I'm going to try to lean on that.

I've got a new Bass Reeves novella, "Them Bones," out in Airship 27's Bass Reeves anthology. In it, Bass Reeves investigates a murder that has to do with a missing dinosaur bone. During the research for that story, I discovered that dinosaur bone hunting was a thing in Oklahoma in the 1880s, as it was in much of the Old West and parts East. This one was fun to write, and I hope readers enjoy it.

I've got more projects coming, including more Westerns, in the Rancho Diablo and Stark and Buchanan books as well as another series I hope to dig into involving riverboats on the Missouri River in the 1840s, more Deathlands stories for Graphic Audio, and a return to SF and fantasy for the first time in a while for me.

I'm excited to see where this new year takes me!

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“[Odom] delivers thrilling action with a well-rendered alien world and a creepy alien enemy to fight. ...A compelling example of military sf.” — Library Journal

“The military action is brutal and vivid, the situation is tense and believable … and the allegorical story moves at a fast clip.” — Publishers Weekly

“Odom doesn’t skimp on adrenaline-pumping action....Master Sergeant has me enlisting for The Makaum War series.” — SF Signal

"Political intrigue gives way to no-holds-barred military action in the high-octane third installment of Odom’s Makaum War series, following 2015’s Guerilla."


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