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Radio Rita Soars! And Danger Follows!

Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the debut of pulpdom’s newest hero, aviator Radio Rita. Envisioned originally as a pin-up representation of the publishing house by Managing Editor, Ron Fortier, the character took on a life of her own when several New Pulp writers suggested writing stories of the tall, action loving redhead. Enticed by the idea, Fortier challenged writers to imagine their own versions of the character from a set of four basic physical attributes. The end result is four unique women, all of them Radio Rita. Buckle up for adventure, pulp fans. She’s still one of a kind.


Volume one features tales by Teel James Glenn, Samantha Lienhart, Gene Moyers and Mel Odom with illustrations by Rob Davis and a cover by Ted Hammond.



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“[Odom] delivers thrilling action with a well-rendered alien world and a creepy alien enemy to fight. ...A compelling example of military sf.” — Library Journal

“The military action is brutal and vivid, the situation is tense and believable … and the allegorical story moves at a fast clip.” — Publishers Weekly

“Odom doesn’t skimp on adrenaline-pumping action....Master Sergeant has me enlisting for The Makaum War series.” — SF Signal

"Political intrigue gives way to no-holds-barred military action in the high-octane third installment of Odom’s Makaum War series, following 2015’s Guerilla."

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