'Tis the storm season here in Oklahoma, so things change daily. Working on getting the garden in, wrapping the semester as school, and writing every chance I get.

New books out and coming out: check the blog listings.

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“[Odom] delivers thrilling action with a well-rendered alien world and a creepy alien enemy to fight. ...A compelling example of military sf.” — Library Journal

“The military action is brutal and vivid, the situation is tense and believable … and the allegorical story moves at a fast clip.” — Publishers Weekly

“Odom doesn’t skimp on adrenaline-pumping action....Master Sergeant has me enlisting for The Makaum War series.” — SF Signal

"Political intrigue gives way to no-holds-barred military action in the high-octane third installment of Odom’s Makaum War series, following 2015’s Guerilla."


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